Photon Pack

Lightweight Ergonomic and Powerful-

The Photon Pack disinfects any surface safely, quickly, and conveniently. No need to shut down for hours or soak anything in chemicals.

Why the Photon Pack?

We are often asked, why did you invest so much money, time, and effort into developing your own product?

Other UVC cleaners force you to disinfect mere centimeters away from the target!

They take hours to disinfect a surface. Too weak!

We were sick of it! That's why we created the Photon Pack. Being able to hold the wand away from the surface makes it easier to clean and allows you to clean much more quickly since the light covers more surface the further away you hold it.

Unparalleled UVC Output
The Photon Pack delivers UVC output of 8.5 milliwatts per second from 6 inches away.
Built and Tested in the USA

We test our product constantly to ensure that it works perfectly and that it is putting out the Ultraviolet levels that we publish. That's the Ether Clean difference.

Peaks at the right wavelength to maximize germicidal properties
High Powered
Powered by 650W through a mercury vapor bulb, the Photon Pack produces the entire UVC spectrum. Peak energy density is at 265nm, the ideal range for germicidal impact e.g. killing pathogens.

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